Air International 1980-04
The DC-4 5N-ARC in Arax Airlines markings.
The Douglas DC-6 N84AU at Southend in late-1979
When you talk about training, you talk about Aermacchi. In twenty years, 13 operators all over the world ordered and re-ordered eight hundred and sixty MB-326 jet trainers: a tangible acknowledgement of Aermacchi unsurpassed experience in the training art. Now - for the pilots of the eighties - Aermacchi is mass-producing the cost-effective MB-339, the best promising new generation trainer with multimission capability.
RAAF F-111C demonstrating "torching" during the air display at RAAF Laverton (Victoria) in 1977. This spectacular effect, which was demonstrated in the UK during 1978, was achieved by dumping fuel into the afterburner. However, investigation of the crash of F-111C A8-141 into the Hauraki Gulf in October 1978 has suggested the possibility that burning fuel moved back onto the aircraft structure, and' 'torching'' has now been officially banned by the RAAF.
More and more Air Forces have made the professional choice: PILATUS PC-7 Turbo Trainer