Air International 1980-05
E.Brown - Last of the Wartime 'Cats ... the Bearcat was no kitten /Viewed from the Cockpit/
The first XF8F-1 (BuAer No 90460) which lacked the dorsal fin extension standardised by all subsequent Bearcats
A cannon-armed F8F-1B (BuAer No 122096) prior to US Navy acceptance.
Darryl Greenamyer’s extensively modified F8F-2 (N1111L) which was used to capture the world speed record for propeller-driven aircraft.
One of the pre-series F8F-1s ( BuAer No 90443) on the strength of VF-19 photographed over Pearl Harbor in July 1945.
Истребитель Grumman F8F Bearcat мог нести значительную боевую нагрузку, а высокая скорость повышала шансы летчика остаться в живых при нанесении ударов с малых высот.
F8F-1D Bearcats of GC II/9 (later GC II/21) "Auvergne” flying above Indo-China early in 1953
An F8F-1DB of GC I/22 ", Saintonge ” (formerly Groupe de Marche I/8) at Hanoi.
An F8F-1D Bearcat newly delivered to the Royal Thai Air Force's 1st Wing (No 13 Sqdn). The RTAF began to receive the F8F-1D Bearcat from 1951.
An F8F-1 ( BuAer No 94870) of Carrier Air Group 19 picking up the arrester wire.
An F8F-1D serving with No 2 Wing of the Royal Thai Air Force.
Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat