Air International 1980-05
Plane facts
The prototype Lancaster VII, being a converted Mk I (NN801), the Martin dorsal turret being partly swivelled and one of the two 0-5-in (12,7-mm) machine guns thus being obscured. The tail turret is an FN 82.
The profile drawing of the Lancaster B Mk VII shows the H2S and the AGLT radar fairings.
The production S-49A. Yugoslavia’s first post-WW II combat aircraft of indigenous design.
The S-49C was an all-metal, extensively revised derivative of the S-49A
The S-49C being illustrated by the general arrangement drawing, the upper side profile illustrating the S-49A
The Supermarine Type 545 prototype, in its semi-completed state and photographed at Cranfield.
The Supermarine Type 545 is illustrated by the general arrangement drawing