Air International 1980-10
L.Milberry - Electronic Warfare in NORAD
One of the B-57Cs of the 134th DSES, in USAF three-tone camouflage, over the Vermont countryside earlier in 1980.
Three EB-57Bs (in grey finish with red high-visibility markings) and two B-57Cs on the flight lineal Burlington.
The rotary bomb doors of an EB-57B. packed with "black boxes”, awaits installation.
One of the 134th Squadron's Martin B-57Cs at Burlington, unusual in having the all-black finish of a night intruder aircraft.
A Canadair T-33A-N Silver Star - one of 18 on the strength of No 414 Squadron - carrying an EW pod under the port wing.
Examples of the three aircraft types used for EW training by No 414 Squadron. CAF. in line-astern formation over Ontario.
One - of No 414 Squadron's CC-117 Falcons shares the flight line at North Bay with a CF-100 Mk 5D.
A pair of CF-100 Mk 5Ds in flight near North Bay, early 1980
The crew boarding a CF-100, showing the Black Knights insignia on the forward fuselage.