Air International 1980-10
W.Wood - Emil uber England
A Bf 109E-3 of II/JG 77 operating from Aalborg in July 1940.
A Bf 109E-3 of III/JG 2 "Richthofen" in France, June 1940.
A Bf 109E-3 of III/JG 26 at Caffiers airfield in August 1940.
Bf 109E-3 of l/LG 2 at Calais-Marck in August 1940.
An engine change being carried out under decidedly primitive conditions on a Bf109E-3 of III/JG 26 at Caffiers airfield, near Calais, during the "Battle of Britain".
Emils of III/JG 27 being refuelled and re-armed between missions from Carquebut airfield during the summer of 1940.
Bf 109Es of Oblt Neumann’s Schwarm are seen shortly before his last mission.
During the final phase of the "Battle of Britain", Emils were increasingly employed in the fighter-bomber role over Southern England. Here a Bf 109E-4/B of III/JG 26 is seen with a 551-lb (250-kg) bomb in readiness for one of these missions.
Emils of III/JG 26 dispersed on Caffiers airfield, near Calais, during the "Battle of Britain "
Emils of II/JG 27 at St Trond airfield, Belgium, where the unit was based 19-22 May 1940.
The cockpit of Emil was comparatively small and narrow. The instruments on the upper panel surmounted by a clock (top centre) are (left to right) the altimeter, compass and boost pressure gauge in the upper row, and ASI, turn-and-bank indicator, rpm indicator and propeller pitch indicator in the lower row. The lower panel carried the oil pressure and fuel contents gauges, and the oil and water temperature gauges. The undercarriage selector handle is seen on the upper right of the lower panel.
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4