Air International 1980-10
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Sukhoi Su-7U of the Egyptian Air Force. This tandem two-seat conversion training model has been supplied to a number of the air forces operating the single-seat Su-7BMK.
Sukhoi Su-7BMK of the Algerian Air Force. In Algerian service since 1971-72, this type reportedly equips two squadrons. Note the unusual pattern of the three-tone upper surface camouflage.
Sukhoi Su-7BMK of a V-VS Frontovaya Aviatsiya regiment. Largely supplanted in western peripheral military districts, this type still serves in some numbers with formations deployed in less sensitive military districts.
Sukhoi Su-7BMK of the Indian Air Force during the Indo-Pakistan conflict of 8-17 December 1971. Note the worn camouflage and the partly obscured national insignia.
Sukhoi Su-7BMK of the Egyptian Air Force (circa 1976). Despite the age and obsolescence of this ground attack fighter, some 120 aircraft of this type reportedly remain in the Egyptian inventory.
Sukhoi Su-7BMK of the Czechoslovak Air Force. This take is now being phased out of Czechoslovak service and being replaced by the MiG-23BM.