Air International 1980-12
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B-26G-25 Marauder (44-68165) of Groupe de Bombardement I/32 "Bourgogne" (Armee de l'Air) of 1st TAF, based at St Dizier, 1945. Note: Natural metal with olive drab upper surfaces and roundels at all four wing stations.
Marauder IA (FK375) of No 14 Sqdn. RAF, operating from Fayid, Egypt, in 1942. Note standard desert camouflage.
B-26G-1 (43-34133) of 456th Bomb Squadron, 323rd Bomb Group, 9th Air Force, based at Laon/Athies, France, winter 1944-45. Note overall semi-gloss black finish for nocturnal intruder operations over the Ardennes.
B-26G-5 (44-68119) of 585th Bomb Squadron, 394th Bomb Group, 9th Air Force, based at Cambrai/Niergnives, France, November 1944.
B-26B-55 (42-96152) of 598th Bomb Squadron, 397th Bomb Group, 9th Air Force, based at Dreux, France. September 1944. Note that the white portions of invasion markings on upper and side surfaces have been erased, leaving grey primer undercoat.
B-26B-40 (42-43304) of 444th BS, 320th BG, 12th Air Force, Decimomannu, Sardinia, 1944. Note original (faded) star in early aft position with newly-applied bars.