Flight 1920-03
Three-quarter front view of the Junker J.1
Front view of the Junker J.1
Side view of a wrecked Junker machine
Rear view taken from a damaged Junker machine in Belgium
A call at Singapore en route to Australia: A snapshot of Sir Ross Smith's Vickers-Vimy-Rolls, secured by Mr. Thomas Sibary, of the Dunlop Rubber Co. (Far East), Ltd., which has been sent to us by Mr. Alex-Mosses, of radiator fame
CAIRO-CAPE AIR-WAY: The crash of the first "Silver Queen." A general view of the wreckage at Korosko.
HOUNSLOW-PARIS AIR SERVICE AND THE FRENCH RAILWAY STRIKE: A snap on Monday of extra machines being prepared by Aircraft Transport and Travel, Ltd., at Hounslow for the Paris service. The 'plane on the left is the latest D.H.16, with Napier engine, which made its maiden voyage piloted by Mr. Courtney
"Spad 27," the Messageries Aeriennes Co.'s 'bus piloted by Lieut. Jean Casale, which brought over mails from Paris on Thursday last week. Inset, Lieut. Casale taking off at Hounslow on Friday for Paris
Side view of the Avro Type 547 Triplane, 160 h.p. Beardmore
THE AVRO TYPE 547 TRIPLANE: Plan, side and front elevations to scale
A STUDY OF ALTO-CUMULUS CLOUD: A D.H.10 aeroplane with Liberty engines is seen silhouetted against the cloud layer.
The Grahame-White E-8 nine-seater Limousine. A view of the centre portion, showing the Rolls-Royce engines, cabin, landing-chassis, etc.
A sketch of the tail-skid on the Grahame-White limousine
A sketch showing the general arrangement of the cabins of the Grahame-White limousine
The adjustable shutter on the radiator of the Grahame-White limousine
THE GRAHAME-WHITE E-8 NINE-SEATER LIMOUSINE: Plan, side and front elevations to scale
THE ITALIAN "RICCI" THREE-ENGINED, TWIN-"BOAT" SEAPLANE: Each engine is an Isotta-Fraschini 200 h.p. P 6, two driving pusher screws being mounted in nacelles on either side of a central nacelle, the third engine, driving a tractor screw, being mounted in the nose of the latter. Floatation is by two long single-stepped "boats," one under each wing-engine. Span, 83 ft.; length, 42 ft.; height, 14 ft.; total area, 1,291 sq.ft.; gross weight, 10,340 lbs.; empty, 6,380 lbs.; speed, 99-105 m.p.h.
The sporty little Italian "Ricci" triplane: It is fitted with a six-cylindered 40 h.p. Anzani engine, and has a span of 10 ft. 4 ins., a length of 11 ft. and a height of 6 ft. 7 ins. Its speed range is 24-78 m.p.h. Fuel carried for two hours' flight. Gross weight, 572 lbs.; empty, 330 lbs.
The Aeromarine "50 B-2" three-seater limousine flying boat.
An "Aeromarine" type 40-c. flying boat in flight, after taking off from the frozen surface of Raritan Bay, N.J.
Two views of an "Aeromarine'' (U.S.A.) type 40-c. flying boat landing on the frozen surface of Raritan Bay, N.J.
Three-quarter front view of the Hild-Marshonet sportplane
Side view of the Hild-Marshonet sportplane
Front view of the Hild-Marshonet sportplane
THE HILD-MARSHONET SPORTPLANE: Plan, side and front elevations to scale
The latest production of the Thomas-Morse Corp., of Ithaca, N.Y., which recently went through its trials. It is a twin-fuselage biplane, 45 ft. span and 35 ft. long, with a central nacelle carrying two 300 h.p. Hispano-Suiza engines driving tractor and pusher screws respectively
The Thomas-Morse twin-fuselage biplane as seen from the rear