Flight 1920-10
AIR CONFERENCE VISIT TO WADDON: The Fairey Amphibian taxying in
PARIS-LONDON-PARIS RACE: Centre, the Nieuport, piloted by Lecointe, arrives over Waddon aerodrome. On the left, M. Lecointe getting out of his machine, and on the right, the Nieuport biplane at rest
PARIS-LONDON-PARIS RACE: Centre, the Spad, piloted by Bourdon, just landed at Waddon aerodrome. On right, M. Bourdon has his papers signed by M. Rey, the French official, at Croydon. In this picture are Commander H. E. Perrin and Squadron-Leader T. O'B. Hubbard. On the left, M. Bourdon and his two passengers
THE FOKKER F.II AT WADDON: Three-quarter front view
The Fokker F.II at Waddon: View of the undercarriage
THE FOKKER "F.II" AT WADDON: View of the cabin arrangement
THE FOKKER "F.II": The wings are attached to the body by four bolts only, two at the top of the struts and two on the top longerons of the fuselage
THE FOKKER "F.II": Details of the undercarriage
The Fokker "F.II": Sketch showing the ball-and-socket joint of undercarriage strut to lower longeron
AIR CONFERENCE VISIT TO WADDON: Our group shows: Mr. Bonar Law, Lord Weir, General Sykes, Sir James Stevenson, and General Ellington, with one of the Airco machines as a "background"
AIR CONFERENCE VISIT TO WADDON: Airco 18, Instone Vickers Vimy-Commercial, Westland Limousine, Avro triplane, and Bristol Coupe
AT WADDON: The Handley Page W8, winner of First Prize in Air Ministry Competition.
AT WADDON: The machine arriving at Waddon
Interiors of Commercial Machines: The Handley Page W.8.
AIR CONFERENCE AT WADDON: The Vickers "Viking III" Amphibian
THE GORDON-BENNETT RACE: Sadi Lecointe on the Nieuport alighting after the race. Note the careful streamlining of this machine
THE GORDON-BENNETT RACE: In Lecointe's Nieuport stream-lining was carried to a finish. Note, in the photo, casing around exhaust pipes, and fairings on wings and body where struts
are attached
The Gordon-Bennett Race: Taking Raynham's Martinsyde "Semiquaver" out to the starting line
THE HANDLEY PAGE WING: The Airco 9 fitted with the H.P. device. Inset the machine in flight. The false leading edge and its supporting brackets can be clearly seen
THE GORDON-BENNETT RACE: The Spad, flown by M. B. de Romanet, had its top plane mounted direct on the fuselage, as seen in the photo.
THE NEW BRISTOL TOURER SEAPLANE: A side view of the machine, and, inset, taxi-ing on the water
THE NEW BRISTOL TOURER SEAPLANE: A three-quarter front view
PARIS-LONDON-PARIS RACE: The Henry Potez machine has its wheels replaced. On the right, M.Bajac, the Potez pilot, and two of his passengers enjoying their sandwiches
THE GORDON-BENNETT RACE: The Dayton-Wright in flight. Note the clean appearance resulting from drawing the undercarriage into the fuselage
The Gordon-Bennett Race: The Verville-Packard flown by Major Schroeder
AN EXAMPLE OF U.S. CONSTRUCTION: The fuselage of the Lawson M.T.2 tractor biplane. Note the method of suspending the seats and the substantial engine mounting.
The Sablatnig K.E.1: Side view
THE SABLATNIG K.E.1: Front view