Air International 1981-02
J.Fricker - The Norman Firecracker /Trainer with a difference/ (2)
The Firecracker prototype was built and flown at Goodwood, and the Sussex Downs provide an attractive backdrop for many of the photographs that have been taken to date - including those illustrating this account. Total flying is approaching 300 hrs and a second prototype is now being built, with PT6A turboprop engine.
The Norman NDN-1 Firecracker prototype - one of the new-generation primary/basic trainers now available to military users.
The long wheelbase and slightly nose-down sit of the Firecracker on the ground are apparent in the view.
Это единственный построенный поршневой NDN-1 - вместе с одним NDN-1T он используется в школе летчиков-испытателей США до сих пор.
Among the unusual features of the Firecracker is its ventral air brake, seen extended in this view.
The lines of the Firecracker can be described as purposeful rather than elegant. A particular characteristic of the design is the low aspect ratio of the wing, chosen with military flying training requirements in mind.
Both cockpits of the prototype are seen in this photograph; the military intentions of the Firecracker are immediately obvious, with the large amount of space available for panel instruments and side consoles.
This three-view drawing depicts the NDN-5 Turbo-Firecracker. a prototype of which is now under construction.