Air International 1981-02
??? - The Caproni Vizzola C-22J /Trainer with a difference/ (1)
Photographs of the Caproni Vizzola C-22J were taken soon after first flight, in the vicinity of Milan where the Alps provide a picturesque backdrop. After only 10 hrs of flight testing, the C-22J made its first overseas appearance at Farnborough International 80, where it
impressed spectators with its agility.
The Caproni Vizzola C-22J has a fuselage pod of glassfibre construction, based on the company's experience gained with production of high-performance sailplanes and the A-21SJ jet-assisted sailplane, which has a similar side-by-side layout.
Ground view of the prototype Caproni Vizzola C-22J
Developed by the Caproni company as a private venture, the C-22J is aimed specifically at the military market, as suggested by its camouflage finish. It is intended to be suitable for ab initio pilot training, up to the point where students are “streamed" according to their subsequent specialisation.
Two Microturbo TRS18 turbojets power the C-22J prototype, as shown here, but other small engines are optional.
The C-22J has side-by-side seating, in line with the majority of military preferences, but the cockpit is unpressurised and does not have ejection seats, in the interest of economy and lightness.
Caproni Vizzola C-22J