Air International 1981-02
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Alpha Jet E26 (the 26th production model from the French assembly line) in the markings of Groupement-Ecole 314 "Christian Martel" at Tours. (Left) The Stork insignia of GE 314.
Alpha Jet E in the colours of the Patrouille de France, the official French aerobatic team which re-equipped on the type in 1979.
Alpha Jet A No 58 off the German production line as painted for US demonstration tour, September 1980; a French roundel was carried on the starboard side.
Alpha Jet A, with ventral gun pack, in service with Jagdbombergeschwader 49 at Furstenfeldbruck. (Right) The badge of Jabo G 49.
An Alpha Jet B of the Force Aerienne Beige, as used by Nos 2 and 7 Squadrons of the Centre de Perfectionnement at Brustem.
Alpha Jet No 231 in the colours of the Moroccan Air Force, which has ordered 23 of these basic trainers.
One of six Alpha Jets acquired by the Air Force of the Ivory Coast, with civil registrations for delivery.
An export model Alpha Jet in the colours and markings of the Togo Air Force, which has ordered six.
An export Alpha Jet as supplied to Qatar.
The second Alpha Jet E prototype in demonstration colours for the Paris Air Show 1975.
(left to right) Top plan views of Alpha Jet E and Alpha Jet A and Alpha Jet E of the Patrouille de France