Air International 1981-02
??? - Hawker's tempestuous finale /Warbirds/
A standard production Tempest V Srs 2 on development test flight. Invasion stripes are visible beneath the wing but the aircraft had not yet been issued to a squadron when this photograph was taken.
On pre-delivery test flights is standard production model of the Tempest II
A Tempest II in the markings of the only RAF squadron to equip on this variant before the end of the war, No 54 Squadron.
On pre-delivery test flight is standard production model of Tempest V Series 2 carrying streamlined 45-Imp gal (205-l) drop tanks.
The original Tempest V prototype, HM595, serving as the development aircraft for the Tempest VI.
The first Tempest to fly was the second prototype, HM595, shown in its initial configuration with Typhoon-type fin-and-rudder and Sabre II engine
A production-model Tempest VI, with drop tanks.
A standard production Tempest II inflight prior to delivery to the RAF. Prominent in this view are the underwing bomb racks and visible on the starboard wing above the bomb rack are the blister fairings over the twin-cannon installation.
The only foreign users of the Tempest II were India and Pakistan (on photo), the air forces of both of which used these aircraft operationally in border skirmishes around the time of partition and independence.
Tempest IIs in service with No 5 Squadron in India in 1946/47, showing camouflaged aircraft with rockets
Tempest IIs in service with No 5 Squadron in India in 1946/47, showing natural metal finish with drop tanks.
Hawker Tempest II
Three-view drawing of the Tempest II.
In the drawing, the three side views depict, in descending order, the Tempest I and Tempest V prototypes and the Tempest V Srs 2, also shown in the plan and head-on view. Scrap views show (top) the original canopy on the Mk I; (lower left) Mk V Srs 1 wing and (lower right) RP installation on Mk V Srs 2: and (bottom) the noses of the Mk I