Air International 1981-09
??? - Hellenic Air Power ... a continuing NATO asset?
The first Mirage F1CG interceptors began to reach Greece in August 1975 for the 114“ Pterix which completed 40.000 flying hours on type earlier this year.
A Mirage F1CG of the 114“ Pterix landing at Tanagra.
An A-7H Corsair of 347 Mira, another component unit of the 110“ Pterix at Larissa tasked with the tactical air support of maritime operations with 18 single-seat and two two-seat Corsairs. These have provision for AAMs to provide some self-defence capability and to enable them to fulfil a secondary air defence role.
The 359 Mira at Dekelia operates a mix of rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft, and possesses the bulk of the small HAF helicopter complement, one of the unit's 14 AB-205A-1s that serve in the SAR and light transport roles being illustrated.
The backbone of the HAF logistic support force is provided by the C-130H Hercules transports of the 356 Mira.
A Northrop F-5A of the 111“ Pterix taking-off from Nia Artkhialos
В 2012 году Греция получила T-6A и T-6B для замены своих T-2C/E в ближайшем будущем. Оставшиеся 30 самолетов были поделены между 362-й и 363-й эскадрильями повышенной летной подготовки (MEA) и 120-й учебной эскадрильей (PEA SMET).
Rockwell T-2E Buckeye advanced trainers of the Hellenic Air Force, as operated by the 362 and 363 Mire at Kalamata.
A T-2E of the 362 Mira about to touch down at the Kalamata training base
The miniscule HAF ASW force still operates eight elderly HU-16B Albatross amphibians within its 353 Mira
The Cessna T-37 has been used by the HAF for basic flying instruction for the past 16 years, attrition suffered by those delivered to Greece in the mid- 'sixties having been made up last year by the transfer of four aircraft from USAF stocks.
An RF-4E Phantom of 348 Mira at Larissa. This Mira is a component of the multi-role 110° Pterix and possesses two flights, one of which utilises seven RF-4Es for day-and-night all-weather tactical recce tasks, and the other acting as a jet pilot "finishing school" with aged F-84Fs and RF-84Fs.
Remarkably, the HAF still operates 18 RF-84F Thunderflashes for daylight tactical reconnaissance missions within one flight of the 348 Mira at Larissa, these probably being the last of their type remaining in service anywhere in the world.