Aeroplane Monthly 1982-04
R.Cooling - Bravo Juliet
Two Brough B-2s, their upper fuselage surfaces camouflaged, with Hawker Hind K6779 on its nose in the background.
The last surviving B-2, G-AEBJ, seen near Brough on June 15, 1960.
The first B-2, G-ABUW, made its maiden flight on December 10, 1931.
B-2 G-ACBJ, flown by the author in 1938.
Based at Hanworth, G-ACPZ flew with a Gipsy Major engine.
Line-up of five B-2s at Brough in about 1937, with G-ACEN on the right. G-ACBH is the middle aircraft and the B-2 second from the right is an RAF machine.
B-2 G-ACAH competing in the 1954 King’s Cup Race, in which it came fourth with an average speed of 114 m.p.h.
View of G-AEBJ
G-AEBJ over the Hull suspension bridge now spanning the Humber.
B-2 G-ACBH after a taxiing incident in front of the Brough flight hut.