Flight 1922-07
A WAY THEY HAVE IN MEXICO: A test for sound judgment and nicety of control employed at the Valbuena Military Flying School. The pilot has to fly close to a man on the ground, who holds up a pole with a hat on the top, and knock the hat off with the wing tip!
THE HEATH SINGLE-SEATER SPORT-'PLANE: Some details. On the left a view of the 20 h.p. Thor motor-cycle engine. On the right, bottom, the tractor screw with auxiliary blades for cooling the cylinders. Above, a three-quarter rear view of the machine.
The Heath Single-Seater Sport - 'Plane: Three-quarter front view.
THE UDET SPORTING SINGLE-SEATER: Three-quarter front view.
The Udet Sporting Single-seater: View of the wing in skeleton.
THE UDET SPORTING SINGLE-SEATER: Three-quarter rear view.
Udet Monoplane 30 hp Haacke Engine
SOME CONSTRUCTIONAL DETAILS OF THE H.A.C. MONOPLANE: 1. Rib at root of wing, with fittings for joining two halves together. Eight bolts, four on top and four underneath, secure the two wing halves. 2. The wing spars are secured to the fuselage hoops by a form of turnbuckles. 3. Steel strips running up the side of the wing spars transmit the load from the lift fittings. 4. A crank lever in the aileron system. 5. View into cabin portion of fuselage. Wall broken away to show details. 6. The engine mounting is of great simplicity, and allows free access to any part of the Rolls "Eagle." 7. The construction of the rear portion of the fuselage, in the vicinity of the tail trimming gear.
THE H.A.C. MONOPLANE: Some constructional details. 1. Diagrammatic perspective sketch of the general arrangement of the wing. 2. Details of spar and rib construction. 3. Section through a spruce strip used for the wing covering. 4. The raked rib of the wing tip. 5. Details of leading edge, which is covered with thin three-ply wood. 6. Piece of three-ply rib web, as fitted between spars. 7. Nose-piece of a double rib. 8. Larger view of method of building up spars and ribs.
H.A.C. Monoplane Type H.2 Rolls-Royce "Eagle" Engine
Mayenberger Amphibian 30 hp Haacke