Air International 1982-03
Первый из трех прототипов XB-29 (без вооружения), остававшийся всю войну в компании "Boeing" в качестве испытательного, готовится к первому полету в Сиэтле, 21 сентября 1942 года.
The B-52 carrying air-launched cruise missiles.
Known as the Turbine Pac, Soloy has developed a power plant package that incorporates a 420 shp Allison 250-C20B turboshaft plus a gearbox and is claimed to be applicable to many makes and models of single and twin engined aircraft with the minimum of modification. The first installation has been made in a Cessna 185, first flown on 23 November 1981. Soloy is aiming for certification by mid-year and will then apply its Turbine Pac to several other aircraft types.
The Boeing 757 was rolled out at Renton on 13 January 1982 and should have made its first flight before the end of February. Seven customers have ordered 136 Boeing 757s to date.
Beechcraft King Air B100
Beechcraft King Air C90-1
Beechcraft Super King Air B200
Pan American's "China Clipper" was one of the three Martin M-130 flying boats.
First flight of a Sikorsky CH-53E prototype in mine-sweeping configuration was made at Stratford, Conn, on 23 December 1981. The US Navy plans procurement of the MH-53E variant, based on the CH-53E heavy-lift helicopter, following the successful operation of the RH-53D twin-engined Sea Stallions in the mine-sweeping role.