Air International 1982-05
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Gloster Meteor F Mk 3 EE270, with long-span wing and short nacelles, serving late 1945 with No 245 Squadron at RAF Colerne.
The unarmed Meteor 4 EE455 (converted on the production line from a Mk 3) with long-span wing and long nacelles, for RAF High Speed Flight, November 1945.
Meteor PR Mk 10 VS979, with long-span wing and Mk 4 tail unit, used by No 541 Squadron, RAF Buckeburg, Germany in 1952.
Meteor F Mk 8 WF714 as marked for use by the CO of No 500 Squadron, RAuxAF (Sqn Ldr Desmond de Villiers) at RAF West Mailing, 1954.
Meteor F Mk 8 of Eskadrille 742, Royal Danish Air Force, at Karup in 1954.
Meteor U Mk 16 WH284 drone conversion of a Mk 8 for use at RAE Llanbedr.