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??? - FIAT BR.20 ... Stork a la mode /Warbirds/
Боевое крещение BR.20 прошел в Испании, где небольшое количество этих самолетов выполняло вылеты на бомбометание и разведку. Снимок самолета из 235-й эскадрильи из итальянского авиационного корпуса сделан в 1939 году в районе Пуйг-Морено.
A BR.20 of the 231“ Squadriglia seen flying over Spain with the ventral gun "mandible‘' extended. The 231“ Squadriglia was formed in July 1938 as the second BR.20-equipped component of the XXXV Gruppo flying in Spain as part of Italy's Aviazione Legionaria.
BR.20Ms of the 240° Squadriglia (98° Gruppo, 43° Stormo) which flew sorties against the UK from Chievres during October-December 1940.
"Фиаты" из 240-й бомбардировочной эскадрильи на полевом аэродроме в южной Италии, 1940г.
В конструкцию BR.20bis внесли изменения, сильно отличавшие его от BR.20M. Летные испытания самолета начались в конце 1942 года, слишком поздно, чтобы самолет был принят на вооружение. Всего построили десять машин, но, вероятно, на вооружение строевых частей ни одна из них не поступила.
The BR.20bis prototype in its definitive form with Breda V dorsal turret (which replaced Caproni-Lanciani turret originally fitted). Production of the BR.20bis was in hand at the time of Armistice and only 10 were subsequently completed, their ultimate fate being unknown.
The prototype BR.20 ( MM.274)
The BR.20M embodied experience gained from BR.20 operation during the Spanish Civil War, featuring improved defensive armament and crew protection, a strengthened wing centre section and some minor aerodynamic refinements.
Fiat B.R.20M Cicogna
A BR.20 ( MM.21507) of the fifth production batch for the Regia Aeronautica seen prior to delivery by Aeritalia late 1939. Note later type turret with raised cupola.
Examples of the BR.20 operated by Japan's Imperial Army Air Force as the "Yi-shiki" in Northern China and along the Manchukuo-Mongolia border from the spring of 1938 until late 1939. The BR.20s were to become the subject of much unfair criticism over their high attrition in China, although this was no higher than that suffered by the Ki.21 when engaged on similar missions.
Fiat BR.20
(1) The prototype BR.20 in its initial form with faired dorsal position; (2) an early production BR.20 with twin-gun Breda DR retractable dorsal turret; (3) a late production BR.20 with modified dorsal turret, aft-mounted D/F loop and faired tailwheel; (4) BR.20 A built for participation in the Istres-Damascus-Paris air race of August 1937, and (5) the BR.20L built specifically for long-distance publicity flights.