Air International 1982-08
??? - A Mutated Messerschmitt /Veteran & Vintage/
This Spanish-built aircraft made its first flight after adaptation to represent a Bf 109G on 23 April 1982, just five weeks short (28 May) of the 37 th anniversary of the Bf 109's maiden flight.
Combining Spanish-built airframe with Swedish-built engine and a measure of German ingenuity, D-FMBB simulates the wartime Bf 109G so well that only a very close examination reveals that some compromises have been necessary.
Robert Lamplough's HA-1112-M1L painted to represent Hans-Joachim Marseille’s Bf 109G "Yellow 14". Regrettably, this aircraft suffered some damage as a result of a ground loop at Biggin Hill in May 1982, but it is hoped that it will be flying once more next year.