Flight 1923-04
CIVIL AVIATION IN RUSSIA: Some Fokker monoplanes (Rolls-Royce engines) at Smolensk aerodrome
THE INDEFATIGABLE G-EBBS: This D.H.34 has now flown more than 110,000 miles, and has never had to make a landing outside a licensed aerodrome, which speaks well for the reliability of the Napier "Lion" engine with which it is fitted.
The Blackburn "Swift" Torpedoplane.
THE "WREN": This astonishing light 'plane has been designed by Mr. W. O. Manning and built by the English Electric Co., of Preston, Lancashire. The engine is a 400 c.c. A.B.C. motor-cycle engine developing about 7 h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. When the "Wren" was flown by Squadron Leader Maurice Wright last week-end, the engine was never opened out fully.
THIRTY-SIX HOURS IN THE AIR: On April 18 Lieuts. J . A . Macready and Oakley C. Kelly, of the U.S. Army Air Service, established a world-record endurance flight at Dayton, Ohio, when, flying over a triangular course of about 31 miles, they remained aloft for 36 hrs. 5 mins. 20 secs., and covered 2,541.2 miles The machine they used, shown above, is the same Fokker F.N. with 400 h.p. high-compression Liberty on which they flew for 35 hrs. last year. Fuel for 44 hrs. weighing 10,500 lbs. was carried.
Two views of the new Loening Control, or "Pressure Equaliser."
THE DEWOITINE LIGHT 'PLANE: This is the machine on which M. Barbot has been flying recently at Toulouse.