Flight 1923-05
THE PARNALL "POSSUM": This machine is of special interest not only on account of being a triplane, but because its Napier "Lion" engine is housed withip the fuselage, and drives the airscrews on the wings through gear transmission.
View of the "Autogiro" in flight.
Two views of the Glenn Martin M.S.1 Navy Shipboard Scout. It is of metal construction, and has a Lawrance 60 h.p. engine.
The Wibault 3 C.I.: Three-quarter front view.
The Wibault 3 C.I.: Rear view.
Michel Wibault Type 3C1 300 hp Hispano-Rateau Engine
The Handasyde H.2 Commercial Monoplane: This machine, a full description of which was published in our issue of July 20, 1922, has been undergoing tests recently at Brooklands. It is intended for service in Australia, and is fitted with a Rolls-Royce "Eagle" engine.
THE PASSAT GLIDER: View shows the glider with wings folded ready for transport.
Two views of the Swanson Model 3 Sport 'Plane, 28 h.p. Lawrence engine.
The Gnosspelius light 'plane: Three-quarter front view.
SOME CONSTRUCTIONAL DETAILS OF THE GNOSSPELIUS LIGHT 'PLANE: 1. Mounting of one of the propeller shafts. The shafts are mounted eccentrically in their tubes, thus providing chain adjustment. Note the taper bolt securing wings to centre-section. 2. The lift struts are flattened out and passed under the fuselage. 3. The rudder and elevator cranks are of sheet steel. Note the short tubular strut which braces the fin to the tail plane spar. 4. The wheels of the undercarriage are partly enclosed in the fuselage, a portion of them projecting through an opening cut in the planking. 5. One side of the very simple Duralumin engine bearer, which allows of easy removal of the engine from the centre-section. 6. A typical rib, showing how the "step" is formed.
Gnosspelius Light 'Plane 700cc Blackburne