Air International 1982-09
Bonanza B36TC
Bonanza A36
Bonanza F33A
Bonanza V35B
A photograph of a Meteor F Mk 4 in revised Egyptian markings in the late 'fifties.
Unretouched photograph, taken during flight tests, with starboard leading edges and engine intakes painted for anti-icing trials.
T-34C-1 Turbine Mentor
An illustration of an Egyptian Air Force DHC-5 Buffalo, photographed in transit through Prestwick by Philip Kitchen.
King Air B100
King Air F90
The photograph of an SNCASE-assembled Junkers Ju 188E.
Baron 58P
Baron B55
Baron 58TC
Baron 58
Baron E55
Maritime Patrol 200T
Duchess 76
Duke B60
Commuter C99
The Zaunkonig VI as G-ALUA, photographed at Fairoaks in 1972 by Rob Carter.
A photograph of the Zaunkonig V4 provided by Philippe Jung in Munich, taken on 29 August 1981 at Deggorfeld-Albstadt, south of Stuttgart.