Air International 1983-01
??? - A very different Corsair /Veteran & Vintage/
The "Vought-Goodyear F2G", as this unique aircraft is now officially designated, made its first appearance at the 1982 Reno Air Races and has the potential to set time-to-height records. Photographed here by Frank Mormillo over Chino, the Corsair is flown by Steve Hinton and Jim Maloney, who shared in the restoration/modification project.
The F2G Corsair is shown here being worked on in the "Planes of Fame" maintenance hangar at Chino. When not being used for racing or record attempts, the Corsair is displayed at the "Planes of Fame" museum, but remains the joint property of Hinton and Maloney. The massive 28-cylinder R-4360 engine is clearly shown in this view.