Air International 1983-01
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Spitfire IX in the markings of No 133 Eagle Squadron, one of the three all-American squadrons flying with the RAF in 1942.
An ex-RAF Spitfire IX operated by the Royal Egyptian Air Force during the Palestine War in 1948.
Spitfire IXC of No 73 Squadron operating from Hal Far, Malta, in 1945. This unit carried its distinctive squadron markings on its air­craft for most of the war.
A Spitfire IXE acquired from Czechoslovakia for use by the Israeli Defence Force/ Air Force (Heyl Ha'Avir) in the early 'fifties.
A Spitfire IXE as flown by Lt-Gen Bob Rogers, No 40 Sqn, SAAF, in Italy, 1944. Name "Evelyn" refers to wife of Larry Barnett, who helped this Spitfire the 'sixties.
Spitfire IXE, used as personal aircraft by Ezer Weizman when CO of No 101 Sqn, Israeli Defence Force/Air Force.
The Spitfire VIII flown by Lt L P Molland, CO of 308th Squadron, 31st FG, serving with the US Fifteenth Air Force in Italy, 1944.
Spitfire HF Mk VII of No 131 Sqn in high-altitude day finish, as introduced in June 1943 but not widely used.
Spitfire VIII "Grey Nurse" of No 457 (Australian) Sqn, No 1 Fighter Wing, Living­stone, 1943.
A two-seat conversion of the Spitfire IX made in the Soviet Union by the No 1 Aircraft Depot. Leningrad, in 1945.
Pink-finished, pressurised Spitfire PR Mk X as operated by No 541 Squadron, RAF Benson, 1945.
Spitfire PR Mk XI of No 541 Squadron at RAF Benson, June 1944, in standard PR blue finish.
Spitfire PR Mk XI in natural metal finish, operated by 7th Photo Group of the USAAF, Mount Farm, Oxon, 1943-44.
Spitfire PR Mk XI in standard RAF colours, operated by 7th Photo Group, USAAF, in the UK, 1943-44.
The J7W1 Shinden prototype