Air International 1983-02
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Mosquito B Mk XVI of No 371 Squadron at RAF Oakington, Cambridge, in late 1944.
One of the two Lightning 55s exported to Kuwait, bearing on the fuselage its eventual serial 55-410 and the maker's number G27-78.
A late-production Mosquito T Mk III in overall training yellow finish, serving with No 58 Squadron at RAF Benson in 1946. The squadron was equipped at that time with Mosquito PR Mk 34s.
A Mosquito FB Mk VI in the markings of the Heyl Ha'Avir, Israeli Defence Force/Air Force, which acquired a number of these aircraft from France.
Mosquito NF Mk XIX (MM650) of No 157 Squadron, Swannington, Norfolk, late 1944, with Invasion stripes.
A Canadian-built Mosquito FB Mk 26, as used by an attack squadron of the Chinese Nationalist Air Force at Hankow in 1948.
Mosquito PR Mk XVI of the 653rd Bomb Squadron (Light), USAAF, at Watton, Norfolk, for weather recce and visual coverage of target strikes.