Air International 1983-06
Fighter A to Z
The second K 47 which was eventually used as a Junkers demonstrator (as the A 48b).
The Hornet-powered K 47 as supplied to the Central Chinese government
A Ju 88R-1, essentially similar to the Ju 88C-6b apart from its engines
A Ju 88G-7b with the Morgenstern (Morning Star) antenna for Neptun radar.
The Ju 88C-6c with both Lichtenstein BC and SN-2 radar, improvement of the latter eventually eliminating the need for the dual installation.
The Ju 88G-6b with the Hirschgeweih (Stag's Antlers) aerial array for Lichtenstein SN-2.
The Ju 388 V4 which was representative of the production Ju 388J-1.