Air International 1983-10
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SEPECAT Jaguar A of EC 1/7 "Provence”, based at St Dizier. Armee de I'Air has purchased 160 single-seat Jaguar As and 40 two-seat Jaguar Es. to equip nine escadrons in the 3e, 7e and 11e Escadres de Chasse.
Jaguar XX765 is one of the RAF's GR Mk 1s, now fitted with a quadruplex digital full-time fly-by-wire (FBS) system for flight development. The finish is a version of the MoD PE scheme for non-operational aircraft.
Jaguar JS104 in the markings of No 5 Squadron. Indian Air Force, is one of the 35 single-seaters delivered as complete aircraft from the UK, prior to production/assembly of additional aircraft by HAL.
A Jaguar International of No 8 Squadron, Sultan of Oman's Air Force. The SOAF has purchased 21 single-seat and four two-seat Jaguars.
One of the 10 single-seat Jaguars supplied to the Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana (plus two two-seaters), built to a similar standard to the RAF Jaguar GR Mk 1s and T Mk 2s. They equip a squadron based at Taura.
A Jaguar T Mk 2 in Indian Air Force colours - one of two two-seaters loaned from RAF stocks, together with 16 single-seaters, prior to delivery of the lAF’s own aircraft.