Air International 1983-11
M.Hirst - Aircraft Brain Power /Avionics analysed/ (5)
Sepecat Jaguar avionics were centred on a 4,096-word computer in the earliest versions. This was primarily concerned with navigation, weapon-aiming and head-up display computations, but as the aircraft has been developed larger central computer facilities have been added. This aircraft carries a Paveway laser-guided bomb, and the aircraft has a laser ranger and marked-target seeker (LRMTS) in the nose. It is sensor and weapon developments such as these that force avionics designers to produce flexible systems.
The Dassault Mirage 2000 uses a French-developed data-bus system, called Ginabus, to link its assortment of electronic systems.
The Grumman F-14 Tomcat was based on a remarkably complex fire-control system developed by Hughes. It encompasses the radar, a host of weapon-processing equipment and the Phoenix missile system. This was the most complex military avionics system developed without widespread use of data-bus technology.
When the Boeing 747 entered service it heralded the large scale application of the electronic data-bus connecting several computer-based systems.