Air International 1983-11
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Avro 504K (F9754) in typical WWI school finish with olive drab upper surfaces and clear-doped wing undersides. This aircraft was built by Hewlett and Blondeau.
Avro 504K (D7600) built by the parent company and serving with the RFC/RAF No 8 Training Squadron in 1918. Clear-doped finish with school markings on fuselage.
A typical "civilianised" surplus RAF Avro 504K. This example was one of five that entered service with Cornwall Aviation Company at St Austell, being used from 1924 until 1935 for joy-riding.
One of a batch of 30 Avro 504Ks supplied to Portugal in 1923-24 under a contract signed with Vickers. They were surplus air­frames fully reconditioned by Avro before delivery to the flying training school at Cintra.
This Avro 504K (E9467) built by the Grahame-White Aviation Company was one of a number sold as surplus by the RAF that entered Estonian service at the beginning of the 'twenties.