Air International 1983-11
Plane facts
An Ar 79B-1 D-ECUV which survived WWII
The Ar 79A V2 which was flown non-stop from Benghazi, Libya, to Gaya, India.
The Ar 79A V1
A general arrangement drawing of the standard Ar 79A.
The S.200 with original vertical tail surfaces, bumper-type faired tailwheel and pilot reposition at port wingtip.
The S.200 after modification of vertical tail surfaces and replacement of "tailwheel" by retractable skid.
S.200 in its original form with forward-hinging canopy
S.200 after introduction of gull-type doors hinging on the centreline and strengthened tailbooms.
The general arrangement drawing depicts the S.200 in its final form, with definitive clipped vertical surfaces and a retractable skid in a fairing under the rear of the fuselage pod.
The S.300 in its original form
The S.300 with the enlarged dorsal fin introduced at an early stage in flight testing.
The general arrangement drawing of the S.300 shows the definitive enlarged dorsal fin. The sole prototype of this trainer crashed a year after the initiation of flight testing.