Air International 1984-06
The Antonov-designed Condor (illustrated by an artist's impression) is expected to attain initial operational capability during 1987-88. Capable of carrying major weapons systems, Condor is expected to be able to transport up to 345 troops over a range of 1,835 nm (4 200 km).
Боевой дебют штурмовика Су-25 состоялся в Афганистане. Там его прозвали "Грач".
The Su-25 Frogfoot subsonic close air support aircraft is one of the more recent additions to the SovAF inventory and is currently being manufactured at Tbilisi.
Finnish-built Blenheim I BL-173. This Blenheim survived service in the Continuation and Lapland Wars.
Dakota K38 of the Force Aerienne Beige in the original unpainted metal finish
The second of two NASARR-equipped Dakotas, K40.
K1 in the later white-top finish with red trim.
The Il-76 Candid now constitutes more than one-third of the total military air transport force inventory.
This photograph from Louis Cazeau shows the fire truck in attendance when the engine of the Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major engined Sea Fury "Dreadnought" played up at Reno
The N-1M in final form
One of the 10 Blenheim IVs built by Valtiosentokonetehdas in 1944. This Blenheim survived service in the Continuation and Lapland Wars.
Canadair's Challenger 601 demonstrator (the first production aircraft, c/n 3001), which completed a 26-day tour on 7 February after visiting Singapore, New Delhi, Jakarta, Australia and Japan.