Air International 1984-06
E.Brown - The "Wooden Wonder" Goes Aboard /Viewed from the Cockpit/
The first genuine Sea Mosquito prototype, LR387, which introduced manual wing folding, a thimble radome for the American ASH radar and considerable modification to the wing structure.
The semi-navalised Mosquito FB Mk VI (LR359) making its first deck landing aboard HMS Indefatigable steaming off Ailsa Craig on 25 March 1944, with the author at the controls. Bob Everett, who has just given the “cut” signal, can be seen in the photo about to dart for the safety nets.
The thirtieth production Sea Mosquito TR Mk 33 (TW256) in service with No 703 Sqn at Lee on Solent, one of several shore-based squadrons that operated this type until at least 1949.
The prototype of the Sea Mosquito TR Mk 37 (TW240) which differed essentially in having ASV Mk XIII radar
The first production TR Mk 37 ( VT724). Only a half-dozen examples of this model were to reach the Navy.
Mosquito FB Mk VI LR359, which was to be written off in an accident on 9 November 1944, is seen in its semi-navalised form. This aircraft commenced trials in November 1943, and was to have the distinction of being the first "twin" to "land on".
One of two special Sea Mosquito TR Mk 33 prototypes, TS449, with which the author carried out a series of RATOG tests, including asymmetric firings, at Farnborough in May and June 1946.
De Havilland Sea Mosquito TR Mk 33