Air International 1984-06
Plane facts
The Breda Ba 201 single-seat dive bomber, the first prototype being illustrated by the photograph.
The Breda Ba 201 single-seat dive bomber
The DAR-10A with Alfa Romeo engine
Являясь хорошим пикирующим бомбардировщиком, прототип DAR 10F, тем не менее, проиграл выпускавшемуся серийно Ju 87D.
The DAR-10F with the Fiat engine. No series production of the DAR-10 was undertaken owing to the acquisition of the Ju 87D by the Royal Bulgarian Air Force.
The DAR-10F was intended to serve in both the dive bomber and light reconnaissance bomber roles, but failed to achieve production status.
The Breguet 470 T12, the sole example of which was acquired by the Spanish Republican government and registered EC-AHC is seen at Zurich-Dubendorf airport.