Air International 1984-08
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Blackburn Buccaneer XK534. one of the Development Batch S Mk 1s, was the first to appear in the all-white anti-radiation finish and is shown here in the markings of 700Z Squadron, the intensive trials unit, at Lossiemouth.
Buccaneer S Mk 2 XN981, in mid-'sixties gloss finish of extra dark sea grey and white. The markings are those of 801 Naval Air Squadron, as operating from HMS Victorious.
Buccaneer S Mk 2 XV340 in gloss extra dark sea grey finish overall, and the markings of 809 NAS, home-based at Lossiemouth.
Buccaneer S Mk 2B XW536 in service with No 16 Squadron. RAF Germany, in the mid-'seventies, in the standard RAF camouflage of matt dark green, dark sea grey and light aircraft grey.
Buccaneer S Mk 2A XV352 was one of the aircraft of No 208 Squadron, RAF, that participated in Red Flag exercises in the USA in 1977, with matt dark earth and light stone over the standard camouflage.
Buccaneer S Mk 50 "414" of No 24 Squadron, SAAF, in the gloss finish of dark sea grey upper surfaces and PRU blue undersides.