Air International 1984-10
The Lockheed XJO-3 was a version of the Model 12 Electra Junior with a fixed nosewheel undercarriage, used for landings and take-offs from the USS Lexington in 1939
One of three Fw 58K-8s supplied to Mailert
HA-XBG was the personal transport of the RHAF's Commanding Officer.
An Fw 58 with modified nose.
The first Fw 58 assembled by MWG, serial G.2+61
The first Fw 58 supplied to Hungary, serial G.221.
One of three Fw 58K-8s supplied to Mailert, in 1944, marked S.O+03.
RHAF trainees with a Potez 63.11 still bearing its Luftwaffe markings.