Air International 1984-12
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Lockheed P2V-2 Neptune of US Navy Patrol Squadron Eight (VP-8) in the early 'fifties. Production of this early version totalled 81, including P2V-2N ski-equipped variants for use in the Antarctic.
One of the 52 P2V-5 Neptunes supplied to the UK to be operated by the RAF as Neptune MR Mk 1s, WX505 was used by No 217 Squadron at Kinloss.
An AP-2H Neptune gunship with FLIR, LLLTV, cannon, grenade launchers and machine guns, as used by Navy Squadron VAH-21 in Vietnam.
Lockheed SP-2H Neptune (BuNo 150280) operated during 1979 by the Argentine Navy as 2-P-112 (Armada Argentina serial 0708); based at BAN Bahia Blanca, it was flown by 1 Escuadron de Exploracion of the II Escuadra Aeronaval.
P-2H Neptune A89-271 was one of 12 used by No 10 Squadron, RAAF, in the 'seventies; a similar quantity of P2V-5s was used earlier by No 11 Squadron.
The Kawasaki P-2J was a developed version of the Neptune for production in Japan, with locally-produced T64 turboprops replacing the piston engines and a lengthened fuselage to house additional avionics.