Jane's All the World Aircraft 1966
03 - Drones
Ryan BQM-34A Firebee target drone in ground-launch configuration
Jindivik Mk 3A target drone as operated at the RAE, Llanbedr, Wales
Del Mar Model DH-2C target drone helicopter fitted with a scale replica of the Bell UH-1B Iroquois fuselage
MBLE Epervier surveillance drone
Canadair CL-89 short-range surveillance and target acquisition drone
Nord R.20 reconnaissance drone, developed from the CT.20 target
Nord CT.20 drone with Dornier System SK3L towed target under starboard wing
Nord CT.41 target drone
Meteor P.X target drone (72 hp McCulloch O-100-1 engine)
Kawasaki KAQ-5 rocket-powered target drone under wing of T-33A launch aircraft
Aerojet-General MQM-58A multi-purpose drone
Beechcraft MQM-61A Cardinal drone (125 hp McCulloch engine)
Artist's impression of the Beechcraft Model 1025 TJ turbojet-powered target drone
Beechcraft AQM-37A supersonic target drone
Gyrodyne QH-50 drone, armed with Mk 46 solid-propellent rocket torpedo
North American Redhead/Roadrunner supersonic target drone
Northrop MQM-33 target drone (72 hp McCulloch O-100-2 engine) on rail launcher
Northrop MQM-57A surveillance drone on its lightweight launcher
Northrop NV-104 surveillance drone (250 shp Allison T63-A-5 shaft-turbine engine)
Northrop AQM-38A subsonic rocket-powered target drone
Northrop RP-76-4 high-performance high- and low-altitude target drone
Northrop NV-101 autogyro target drone (72 hp McCulloch O-100 engine)