Air International 2013-12
I.Harding - Voyager On Her Magesty's Service
AirTanker uses purpose-built gantries for maintenance.
Maintenance and servicing of Voyager’s Rolls-Royce Trent engines is undertaken by AirTanker at RAF Brize Norton. Rolls-Royce field representatives based at Derby provide technical support.
Voyager KC2 ZZ331 undergoes post-flight maintenance on the flight line at Brize Norton.
Wearing temporary civil registration G-VYGD, Voyager KC3 ZZ333 takes off from RAF Brize Norton on July 22, 2013.
AirTanker’s hangar at RAF Brize Norton can hold two Voyager aircraft and has all of the company’s office spaces, as well as those occupied by No. 10 and No. 101 Squadrons, on the south side of the same building.
Voyager KC2 ZZ330 undergoing de-icing at RAF Brize Norton on a frosty night in January 2013.
Master Aircrew Phil Chappell demonstrates the Voyager's mission system operator training station.
The mission system operator (MSO) console has been designed to facilitate the air-to-air refuelling role, including the management of the aircraft's fuel systems.