Aeroplane Monthly 1985-12
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In 1942-43 the Allied Airways fleet consisted of Rapides G-ACZE, G-ACZF and G-ADAH, Dragon G-ACNJ and Puss Moth G-ABLS. Rapide G-ACZE is currently under restoration at Hamble and the Puss Moth is currently owned
When Anglo-Iranian aircraft were flying, oil drillings were set alight so that the dense black smoke acted as markers. In still air the smoke would sometimes rise to 10,000ft and was visible from 100 miles away.
View of Abadan from a Rapide.
D.H. Dragon Rapide G-AGLN, ex NR696, was registered to Anglo-Iranian in December 1944. Exactly two years later, in December 1946, the aircraft was lost in a crash at Abadan.
Fairly typical terrain over which Anglo-Iranian Rapides plied their trade.
View of the cockpit of an Anglo-Iranian Rapide taken two hours out from Teheran en route for Abadan.
View from Rapide cabin looking forwards.
Allied Airways' D.H.84 Dragon G-ACNJ, photographed at Dyce. The individually framed windows and faired-in undercarriage struts identify 'NJ as a Dragon 2. This Dragon was first owned by Jersey Airways Ltd, who named it Rozel Bay. After Allied had finished with it the Dragon was dismantled at Dyce in 1946 and used for spares.