Air International 1985-01
The British Aerospace Jaguar ACT (active control technology) demonstrator, which has recently completed the final phase of its flight test programme, in wholly unstable configuration.
The Fleet Air Arm re-formed its AEW squadron, 849 NAS, on 1 November 1984 at RNAS Culdrose, to fly Sea King AEW Mk 2s equipped with Thorn-EMI Searchwater radar. The programme to install AEW radar in the Sea King began on 4 May 1982 - the day that HMS Sheffield was sunk in the South Atlantic by undetected, low-flying Super Etendards - and the first of two converted Sea King HAS Mk 2s flew at Yeovil on 23 July 1982, with the Searchwater scanner in an inflatable radome on a pivoted fuselage-side fitting, as illustrated. The two AEW Sea Kings were delivered by Westland Helicopters on 2 August 1982 and these have been operated by D Flight of 824 NAS until the recommissioning of 849 NAS. which had operated Gannet AEW Mk 3s until the withdrawal of HMS Ark Royal in December 1978. Six more AEW Sea Kings are now under conversion to allow 849 NAS to operate two front line flights and an HQ at Culdrose.
The second prototype AMX which effected its initial 70-min maiden flight at Turin-Caselle on 19 November 1984
The first IA 63 prototype which entered flight test on 6 October 1984.