Air International 1985-01
G.Jones - In the Mignet Tradition
A full-size, Lycoming-powered S.E.5A replica, F-AZCY, from the Jean Salis collection;
M. Mathieu's half-size P-47, F-PYQQ, built to WAR plans.
A replica of Henri Mignet's original HM.14 built by the RSA Centre-Loire.
M. Turmeau's flying replica of an HM.14. fitted with a 45 hp/1500 cc Volkswagen engine.
F-PXKK, one of the several Croses LC 10s at Brienne;
One of the many Croses EC-6 Criquets at Brienne, F-PYLl was built by H Gobert at Tarnus.
Two Swiss Poux types at Brienne were HB-YBK, a two-seat HM.380, and HB-SPG, the tri-gear HM.19.
France's first Christen Eagle II, F-PZRJ, built by Andre Chatelain;
F-PYPF, the first French-built Acroduster Too;
This example of the popular Avions Pottier P.170 all-metal two-seater, F-PYIK, was built by Val d'Oise Aviateurs Amateurs at Pontoise;
The Quaissard GQ-01 Monogast F-PYQT;
First flown in 1981, the Grinvalds G802 Orion is now marketed in plan and kit form in the USA;
The Gyroflug Speed Canard, based on the Rutan Vari-Eze, is now manufactured commercially in Federal Germany.
G Briffaud's GB.10 Push Pou F-PYOJ, with a 36 hp Hirth pusher engine.
The sleek SB-01 F-WSB1, which look eight years to design and build. Designed by regular visitor to European sport aircraft rallies, Jean Barritault, together with Claude Soyer, the SB-01 is powered by a 160 hp Lycoming engine. It seats two in tandem and features a sliding canopy and retractable undercarriage.