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G.Warner - To Belfast via Calcutta
Based on original Short engineering drawings provided by AEROPLANS, this illustration shows the second Short S.8 Calcutta, G-EBVH, during its service with Imperial Airways.
The first Calcutta prototype, G-EBVG, was given the name City of Alexandria in Imperial Airways service and after a stint with Air Pilots Training at Hamble capsized during a storm at Mirabella on Crete on December 28, 1936.
The second Short S.8 Calcutta, G-EBVH, is moored at Belfast Harbour during the experimental service undertaken with the aircraft between Liverpool and the Northern Irish capital in the autumn of 1928.
The second Short Calcutta, G-EBVH, being towed out on to the Medway for its first flight on May 3, 1928.
Imperial's first flying boat (apart from the old Sea Eagle), the Short Calcutta which made its appearance in 1928.
With the leading-edge slats fully extended, G-EBVH taxies on the Medway on May 3, 1928. It was named City of Athens in Imperial Airways service, and later City of Stonehaven, before going to Air Pilots Training in June 1937 and being dismantled for spares shortly thereafter.
The Calcutta’s passenger cabin was 17ft (5·2m) long, 6ft 6in (2m) wide and 6ft 3in (1·9m) high, and offered a high degree of space and comfort. The fuel tanks were located in the upper wing, which allowed passengers to smoke during flight.