Air International 1985-02
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Vought F8U-1 (later redesignated F-8A), BuAer serial 143726, in the markings of Navy Squadron VF-211, the Checkmates, operating in the early 'sixties from NAS Moffett Field. The NP tail marking indicates affiliation with Carrier Air Group CAG-21.
An F8U-2N (later F-8D), BuAer 148702, serving with US Marine Corps all-weather fighter squadron VMF(AW)-451. The tail code letters in this case are a squadron indicator, not the CAG marking.
One of the 42 F-8E (FN) Crusaders supplied to the French Aeronavale during 1964, for operation by Flottilles 12F and 14F from the aircraft carriers Clemenceau and Foch.
An F-8H Crusader of the Philippine Air Forces' 7th Fighter Squadron, which uses the Vought fighter in the land-based role.
The sole example of the two-seat operational trainer conversion of the Crusader; converted from the XF8U-2NE, BuAer 143710, it was variously known as the XF8U-1T, F8U-1T and TF-8A.
Vought RF-8G (remanufactured RF-8A), BuAer 145631, serving with USN Reserve light photographic squadron VFP-306, based at NARTU Washington, DC.
Two photographs of Spitfire Mk IXEs in post-war service with the Czechoslovak Air Force. The finish is standard RAF camouflage and in the photo, left, the original serial number is retained in the standard position (also note the aircraft beyond, with the earlier, unpointed, rudder). In the photo, right, of an aircraft of No 312 Squadron (at RAF Odiham in 1947) the serial is in small white letters/numerals on the rudder.