Air International 1985-02
Airdata File
The Fokker Maritime Enforcer and (below) the Sentinel, as displayed at Farnborough last September with full external loads.
The Sukhoi Su-26 aerobatic monoplane. It first flew at the end of June in the hands of Ye Frolov, formerly a member of the Soviet aerobatic team and now a test pilot at the Sukhoi OKB. The Su-26 was designed by a team of mainly young engineers at the Sukhoi experimental design bureau and is largely of plastics construction. It is powered by a 350 hp (264 kW) M-14P engine with a Hoffmann three-bladed propeller of 7 ft 10 in (2.4 m) diameter; span is 25 ft 7 in (7,8 m); length 22 ft 4 1/2 in (6,82 m).
An artist’s impression of the airborne early warning version of the Fokker F27, the KingBird.
The PZL-130 Orlik