Jane's All the World Aircraft 1976
02 - RPVs and Targets
One of the 29 F-86H Sabre fighters converted to QF-86H drone configuration by the US Naval Weapons Center at China Lake, California
Soviet jet-powered target drone taking oft with the aid of booster rockets
PQM-102, converted from an F-102A by Sperry Flight Systems and the USAF’s first converted-fighter target drone to have no provision tor manned operation
Teledyne Ryan Model 147TE remotely piloted vehicle (USAF designation AQM-34Q). Other versions of Model 147 are suspended from pylons of DC-130E launch aircraft in background
Teledyne Ryan AQM-34R (Model 147TF) being launched from a USAF Lockheed DC-130E control aircraft
BQM-34A Firebee I target drone dropping away from the launch pylon of a DC-130 Hercules carrier aircraft
Teledyne Ryan 147SD (AQM-34M) RPV under the wing of a DC-130 Hercules director aircraft
DC-130E director aircraft of the USAF with a Ryan 154 (AQM-91A) RPV beneath each wing
DATS (Dornier Aerial Target System) under the wing of a QT-33
Teledyne Ryan Model 124 Firebee I subsonic target drone of the US Air Force
Teledyne Ryan 234 (BGM-34A) fitted with a HOBOS homing bomb under its port wing
Teledyne Ryan Model 166 Firebee II supersonic target, in production for the US Air Force and Navy
US Air Force BQM-34F Firebee II supersonic target drone, with ventral fuel pod still attached
Shrike missile (starboard) and Mk IV bomb fitted under the wings of a Teledyne Ryan Model 234 (BGM-34A) strike RPV
YAQM-34U Update version of the Model 147SC
Firebee I descending by recovery parachute
Pathfinder version of the BGM-34B, fitted with Aeronutronic Ford nose package containing laser designator and LLLTV camera
Fuji-built Firebee I target drone of the JMSDF
Although the Yakovlev high-altitude strategic reconnaissance aircraft known by the reporting name "Mandrake" has been operational with the V-VS for almost a decade, this illustration is the first genuine photograph of this single-seat Lockheed U-2 counterpart to be published. The "Mandrake" has been emplyed by the V-VS for clandestine extreme-altitude reconnaissance flights over China, India, Pakistan and elsewhere.
Second prototype of the Boeing Compass Cope B high-altitude strategic RPV
Compass Cope B, showing nose TV camera
GAF Jindivik Mk 3B target drone with high-altitude wing extensions
Prototype DSI/NASA Oblique Wing RPRA, shown without the wing-mounted vertical stabiliser
MBLE Epervier X-5 battlefield surveillance RPV
Launch of Canadair AN/USD-501 airborne surveillance/target acquisition drone system
Aerospatiale R.20 battlefield reconnaissance drone, developed from the CT.20 target
Launch of a Meteor P.1 subsonic target drone from a ground ramp
Shipboard launch of a Meteor P.X
Beechcraft Model 1019 AQM-37A supersonic target drone
Model 1094 Vanneau version of the Beechcraft AQM-37A, modified by Matra for the French Air Force
Model of the Beechcraft Model 1070 High Altitude Supersonic Target (HAST)
Northrop Shelduck basic training target drone, a type produced for 18 countries
NEC-built Northrop Shelduck target drone
GAF Turana turbojet-powered target drone on its portable launcher
Model of Canadair CL-227
Aerospatiale D 15 low-cost artillery target (two 1.7 hp engines)
Dorand DS.7 half-scale gyro-glider test model
Model of the Mitsoubac proposed drone/decoy vehicle
Motorised mockup of a flying platform with three Marchetti Heliscopes
Marchetti Heliscope flying platform
Dornier Experimental Kiebitz and mobile ground control station
Diagram of the Do 34 Kiebitz flying platform for electronic surveillance: lower portion contains Decca RDL-2 passive ECM detector
Dornier Do 34 Operational Kiebitz tethered rotor platform
Dornier Aerodyne E 1 prototype VTOL RPV in tethered flight
The Meteor Gufo system: sensor recovery from a Gufone drone
Northrop NV-128 experimental surveillance RPV, modified from the MQM-74A
Prototypes of the Northrop Variable-Speed Training Target (VSTT), evaluated in 1974 by the US Army
The Meteor Gufo system: the control truck and a Gufone drone on its towed launcher
Northrop MQM-74C target drone 176 Ib (80 kg) st Williams WR24-7 turbojet engine
AEL4111 Snipe mini-RPV on trailer launcher
Shorts Skyspy surveillance and general purpose RPV
Current Praeire IIB mini-RPV, powered by an 8 hp Kolbo Korp engine and having a gross weight of 120 Ib (54-4 kg)
The original Praeire I (Latin for “leading soldier") mini-RPV developed for the USAF in 1973. It had a 10 ft (3.05 m) wing span and carried a 25 Ib (11.3 kg) payload comprising a TV camera and a laser transmitter.
Praeire II, evaluated in the US Army’s RPAODS competition in 1974, was of glassfibre construction. It had a 12 ft (3.66 m) wing span and a gross weight of less than 90 Ib (41 kg)
Cdr Benson with XD 110A
Mrs Benson with XD 110B
AMR RPV-004 testbed RPV
AMR Ryan-Benson RPV-007 half-scale testbed for the Teledyne Ryan Model 272
Radar cross-section mockup ot the Teledyne Model 272 mini-RPV
Artist’s impression of the Teledyne Ryan Model 272 mini-RPV, to be evaluated by the US Navy
Launch of a Beechcraft Model 1089 VSTT variable-speed training target with JATO booster
Model of the Beechcraft Tactical Expendable Drone System RPV (TEDS)
DSI Sky Eye B mini-RPV, without annular propeller duct
DSI-built prototype for testing the launch and recovery system of the Lockheed Aquila mini-RPV
Wind-tunnel half-scale test model (inverted) of the Lockheed Aquila mini-RPV for the US Army
Scout mini-RPV developed by Developmental Sciences Inc
E-systems E-45 twin-boom mini-RPV
Fairchild sailwing RPV, showing the basic configuration of this family of vehicles
Kaman Ship Tethered Aerial Platform (STAPL) prototype
Feasibility model oJ McDonnell Douglas Astronautics mini-RPV, tested in 1973
NASA Mini-Sniffer I high-altitude mini-RPV for atmospheric research
NASA Mini-Sniffer II high-altitude mini-RPV for atmospheric research
Second prototype of the Teledyne Ryan YQM-98A Compass Cope R long-endurance high-altitude strategic RPV
Configuration of Teledyne Ryan Model 275, the proposed production version of the Compass Cope R