Air International 1985-07
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Delivered to the US Navy in 1927 as the XJR-1, with serial A7528, this was the fourth Ford Trimotor, 4-AT-4. It is shown with the later, rounded, wing tips that were fitted before the aircraft was written off in April 1930. The engines were 200 hp Wright J-4 radials.
This Ford 5-AT-B, c/n 5-AT-40, is typical of several delivered in the early '30s to Cia Mexicana de Aviacion, Pan American's associate in Mexico, although others had the later Mexican "XA" registrations. Engines in the 5-AT were 420 hp Wasps and the wing span was increased.
N414H is a Ford 5-AT-C, 5-AT-74, first flown in September 1929. Restored post-war by American Airlines for publicity purposes, it is shown here in the markings of Scenic Airways of Las Vegas.
Ford 6-AT-1, with Wright J-6 engines, was delivered to the RCAF in June 1929 as G-CYWZ and flew on floats or skis for much of its life, later becoming CF-BEP in airline service.
Island Airlines operated Ford 4-AT-Bs in this livery during the 'fifties and 'sixties for regular services between islands in Lake Erie, Ohio, where the longest route was 11 miles (18 km), the shortest two miles (3.2 km). N7684, built in 1928, was c/n 4-AT-42.