Air International 1985-10
The 100th EMB-312 Tucano trainer built against the Forca Aerea Brasileira contract for 118 aircraft was recently delivered to the Academia de Forca Aerea at Pirassununga for use by the service’s acrobatic demonstration team, the Esquadrilha da Fumaca.
One of the 100 Miles M.14A Magisters constructed under licence by the Turkish Air League (THK), where, as Vaclav Nemecek points out, aircraft design was under the direction of Polish refugees.
The first AMX battlefield support and light attack aircraft to be assembled at Sao Jose dos Campos by Embraer (No A04) left final assembly in August 1985 and its official presentation is scheduled to take place this month (October).
At least one of the RAF’s Clevelands continued to fly although assigned a technical training role, as indicated by the "M" (for Maintenance) serial number shown in the photograph.
The FAA Technical Center, near Atlantic City, NJ, has begun an investigation into helicopter wake vortex characteristics. This is the first time that wake vortex flow visualisation flight tests have been made in the US with a commercial type helicopter. The Technical Center’s Sikorsky S-76 helicopter, fitted with two special smoke generators to mark the wake turbulence, made the first flights on 24 July 1985 with runs from 55 to 130 kts (102-241 km/h) in level, turning, and descending flight patterns.
The second prototype of the IA-63 Pampa basic/advanced trainer was flown for the first time at Cordoba on 7 August 1985.