Air International 1985-10
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A Pe-2 (early production series) of the 46 BAP (Bomber Aviation Regiment), Moscow Military District, winter 1941-42. Note worn white distemper winter finish.
Pe-2 (PE-211) while being operated by the 2nd Flight of 48 Bomber Sqn (Pommituslentolaivue 48) of the Finnish Air Force (Suomen Ilmavoimat), Onttola, autumn 1944. Captured by the Wehrmacht in the Soviet Union, this Pe-2 was supplied to Finland in December 1941.
Pe-2FT of the 73 BAP of the VVS (Air Force) of the KBF (Red Banner Baltic Fleet) operating in the Leningrad area, February-March 1942.
Pe-2FT of the 34 GvBAP, Poland, August 1945. Donated by the inhabitants of Leningrad, the inscription reads "Leningrad-Konigsberg".
Pe-2FT of the 12 GvPAP (Guards Dive Bomber Aviation Regiment) of the VVS KBF, Gulf of Finland, 1944. Note stylised national insignia.
Pe-2FT of the 3 PLB (Dive Bomber Regiment), 1st Polish Composite Air Corps, summer 1945, this being one of three Polish Pe-2-equipped units.
The Breguet Type 14 was an extremely versatile aircraft produced in a variety of models. One of these, illustrated here, was the Bre 14T bis aeromedical aircraft which was extensively used by the French air arm in the 'twenties in Africa, Madagascar and Indo-China.