Air International 1985-12
Photographs supplied by Mr Ken Rutterford show Spitfire Mk IXs ML181 (left) and RR182 (right) whilst being prepared for despatch to Turkey in 1947/48.
A Sikorsky RH-53D, of the type involved in the abortive mission to rescue hostages from the US Embassy in Teheran.
This photographic reconnaissance Learjet 35A of the Grupo 1 de Aerofotografico made several low passes over Port Stanley on 19 March 1982 before landing at the nearby Airport. The resident Argentine officials of LADE casually dismissed its dramatic and unscheduled arrival as being of no serious consequence, and its landing as "routine” and for the purpose of checking an "undercarriage problem”. Taken from the Stanley control tower, this photograph, clearly showing the camera pack.
When, on 8 June 1982, four Grupo 5 A-4B Skyhawks of the FAA attacked the LSL's Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram at Port Pleasant the crew of 656 Squadron Scout AH Mk 1 XR628 found themselves in the direct path of the attackers. After taking avoiding action the Scout sustained a transmission failure and crash-landed into MacPhee Pond, just south-west of Fitzroy, where this photograph was taken shortly after alighting.
The three Aerospatiale/Aeritalia ATR 42 regional airliners that have been used for the flight development and certification programme which was completed on 24 September 1985.
British Aerospace Jetstream 31
British Aerospace Civil Aircraft Division has developed two new options for the BAe 125 Srs 800. Thrust reversers developed by Dec Howard of San Antonio, Texas, with a light­weight aluminium clamshell design, entered flight test during September 1985 and will be avail­able from the late spring of 1986. An optional baggage pannier has also been developed, for use in the aft ventral section of the fuselage. Offering an extra 28 cu ft (0,79 m3) of external stowage, it is heated and has dual doors.
Flight testing of the AMX in Brazil began on 16 October 1985, when a 90-min flight was made in the fourth prototype by Embraer chief test pilot Luis Fernando Cabral at Sao Jose.
The first flight of the Fairchild Republic T-46A was made at Edwards AFB on 15 October 1985 by Jim Martinez, the company’s test pilot.
Boeing has decided to fit winglets to the 747-400, the launch order for which was announced on 22 October 1985 when Northwest Airlines contracted to buy 10.
The typical mission profile.
The Lockheed CL-400, which reached an advanced stage of prototype construction, was to have been powered by Pratt & Whitney liquid hydrogen engines and promised to have a remarkable performance